Our Vision.

Pave the way for a healthy environment.


It is our goal to spread hemp, its chances and possibilities. In the course of our marketing we sell your products on Arvaloo. Furthermore, we offer various marketing services with which you can increase your turnover.


We offer an Europe-wide B2B marketplace in which we mediate products and services by the hemp industry from manufacturer to seller. We accelerate and facilitate the trading process for all parties involved.


Arvaloo enables you to access critical market data. By capturing transactions according to many different parameters, we can display data in diagrams and graphs and draw reliable conclusions.


The Name Arvaloo is rooted in the Celtic mythology. It originates from Arvalus, an agricultural and healing deity.

As our name suggests, we spread the great agricultural and healing possibilities of the hemp plant. We want to shape our future ourselves and Arvaloo embodies this vision of a healthy world for man and nature. We have chosen hemp as a cornerstone for our future because we can identify with the benefits of a future world that recalibrates its focus and offers a natural and healthy lifestyle for every human and our planet.


Most frequent questions and answers

Arvaloo is not only a business idea. It is representing our step forward towards a cleaner and greener Future. We believe in the success of an Europe-wide hemp trading platform as well as in changing our Civilisation for the better. An African proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” We hope that you want to join us on this road to success

As a manufacturer you have the possibility to offer your products on our plattform. We take care of the entire process (from a-z) with the exeption of the delivery

In our eyes the enormous potential of hemp will lead us to a more sustainable Life on our Homeworld. The Ancient Plant grows in almost any climate zone, comsumes less water than other crop plants and does not need pesticides or synthetic fertilizers

We see a Global Marketplave with one of the most advanced B2B service plattforms.



Worldwide Distribution

Arvaloo’s marketplace will be available worldwide in one year and will be the most advanced B2B service platform. All of this is designed with sustainability in mind, with the aim of becoming the most environmentally friendly marketplace in the world.