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CannaTrust is not a seal of quality but a rating portal.  The brand presentation as well as the associated services are compensated with an agreed minor remuneration. CannaTrust gives their users a free premium seller account for Arvaloo for one year.

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Through real customer ratings and reviews, CannaTrust makes the market more transparent and fair. As a result, end consumers can make an easier decision about whether to buy or not to buy a certain product. At the samt time, brands get the chance to provide detailed information about their products (such as CoAs) to a broad public and to receive real and honest feedback on their products. Additionally, since there are no sales happening on, the website and all its contents are compliant with the pharmaceutical-advertising law. This means that brands as well as users of the platform are completely free to write about the health benefits and positive effects of the listed products.

Information & Education

CannaTrust itself is a rating platform for cannabinoid products, where end consumers can rate such products and write their own reviews about them. The main goal of the project is to provide in-depth information about the properties and the effects of cannabinoid and hemp products. In order to educate about all the aspects of these products and the current state-of-science, an informative magazine is part of the platform, too

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In our function as a neutral advisor and through the many questions from end users that reach us daily, we have recognized the need for independent information about cannabinoid products, their classification and customer-based ratings and reviews. We are sure: The market needs CannaTrust to become transparent. Thus, the interactive rating portal CannaTrust creates a win-win situation for brands, resellers and end consumers (...).

Hendrik Brettschneider
Founder and CEO