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The Future of Arvaloo

March 16, 2020
We want to transparently communicate our ambitions and stay in interaction with our partners. Therefore, we will continuously update you on the current processes that are in development.
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Our Plans for the next Months

Our Vision for the coming Years


The next month:

We will start off by adding new features to the Arvaloo Marketplace, such as interval subscriptions to delivery contracts, and will go on to tweak and improve the usability of existing features. We are going to partner up with new producers and businesses to create a vibrant marketplace.

Next up we will launch the New Arvaloo Marketplace. A conceptually and graphically improved version of the current marketplace. It will simplify trading processes and accelerate the overview. To ensure that the New Arvaloo Marketplace stands on firm ground we will lay out parts of our our marketing strategy for the coming year and communicate it transparently to you. This way you know exactly where our journey is heading.

Arvaloo is not just a corporation with the goal of business achievement. We are the vision for societal change and a sustainable future. As such, we will immediately start to implement our sustainability program. It is about making our company carbon neutral, facilitating other businesses to go the same way and endorse our partners to proceed their journeys to total sustainability. This is not a marketing event. Our sustainability plan will have sustained impact on our ongoing operations and business relations. We will be transparent and open about our failures as well as our successes and welcome ideas on how to improve.


The next Quarter:

After building up the architecture that is able to carry our ambitious plans, we will increase the range of the Arvaloo Marketplace. This includes making Arvaloo globally accessible and integrating Northern American businesses into the marketplace. Thus, establishing the Arvaloo Marketplace as a gateway into the European market and Europe as a hub of the global hemp market.


Milestone 2023:

Milestone 2023 is a bold yet achievable blueprint for an ambitious company. Our objective is for the long term. It goes beyond replenishing sources of income or preserving what we have already achieved. It is the Future of Arvaloo.


We revolutionize B2B/Wholesale trade.

How Arvaloo will look like in 2023:
Value chains are transparent, and trade will be dispatched and managed digitally. Participants of the Arvaloo Marketplace will operate in trusting relationships with each other. Every form of fraud and deceitfulness is eradicated to ensure well running business for organizations who are hardworking and honest.

We will achieve these goals by ensuring the qualities we wish to foster ourselves. With the “Arvaloo Certified" seal we will take full responsibility over the quality and the sustainability of products offered on the Arvaloo Marketplace. Our certification will help us on our journey to a new way of B2B/wholesale trade. It will assure transparency, sustainability, and honesty.

With these pillars as our groundwork, we are eager to advance our benefits into new markets and will widen our scope beyond the realm of the hemp industry.

Tim L. Groschke is a writer with major interests in market development, biology and cognitive neuropsychology. His studies range from international political economy to historical and classical texts. Often writing for the Arvaloo and WeBelieve team he uses his comprehensive yet detailed knowledge to give insight in the biological processes of hemp products and the industry surrounding it.

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