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Arvaloo Launch

March 5, 2020
Arvaloo, a Europe wide B2B marketplace for hemp products which helps to connect producers with shops and form closer networks between them, launches on 04th March 2020.
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B2B Hemp Marketplace arvaloo.com 

Mainz, 05th March 2020 

Arvaloo offers a Europe wide online B2B hemp marketplace that leads trade and distribution into the digital age. On the Arvaloo Marketplace, you can sell and buy every product surrounding hemp and get an overview of the Hemp market. Arvaloo can manage the entire distribution of your company, but also offers an excellent complement to existing distribution channels and will connect you internationally.      

 “While managing our first business in the hemp industry, we noticed a lack of transparency, communication and networking opportunities between producers and shops across Europe. We asked ourselves: What could bridge the gap? Our answer is Arvaloo.” 

Our online marketplace is ideal for every hemp business which wants to simplify its trading processes, minimalize its expenses and have its sale methods accelerated. Arvaloo offers a great opportunity for local or foreign businesses who want to reach out to the entire European market. 

We are a team of seven ambitioned entrepreneurs. The two founders: Florian Glass and Lukas Rausse who came up with the idea of Arvaloo one year ago worked persistently ever since then to ensure the actualization of their vision and we are proud to now launch Arvaloo. 

Tim L. Groschke is a writer with major interests in market development, biology and cognitive neuropsychology. His studies range from international political economy to historical and classical texts. Often writing for the Arvaloo and WeBelieve team he uses his comprehensive yet detailed knowledge to give insight in the biological processes of hemp products and the industry surrounding it.

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